The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages offers a variety of resources for Canadian teachers and students. They could be useful in several subject areas, such as French or English as first or second languages, Social Studies and History.

One Charter, Two Languages, A Thousand and One Voices – Video and teaching guide

In this video, young people from across the country discuss the importance of languages in their lives and how they see the future. Screen this video for your students, to encourage them to share their thoughts on this issue, and try out some of the different activities suggested in the teaching guide.

Two Languages, a World of Opportunities – Learning opportunities map

Do you want to encourage your students to continue learning their second official language in university? Our Web map will help them find out about learning opportunities offered in various universities across the country. The map lists second-language courses, subject-matter courses taught in the second language, support programs, networking activities and exchange programs.

Our History, Our Path – Timeline

There have been many successes on the path of our official languages. Invite your students to look back on the road we have travelled since 1969 and the adoption of the Official Languages Act in a timeline that traces the milestones of this exciting history.

Discover our Official Languages – Trivia game

Introduce your students to the rich history and culture of Canada’s English- and French-speaking communities with this trivia game.

Beyond WordsCanada’s official languages e-newsletter

To stimulate class discussion, make use of the articles in this e-newsletter, a great on-line resource featuring a wide range of topics related to official languages. Subjects include arts and culture, languages of the world, current events, history and second-language learning. 

Official Languages in Canada – Statistics

How many people speak English in Canada? How many French-speaking Canadians are there? How many are bilingual? If you cover these sorts of questions in class, the statistics section of our Web site can be a valuable source of information. We can also provide you with a paper map showing data on the first official language of Canadians in each province and territory.

Marine Life – Poster

Teach the English or French equivalents of marine-life vocabulary using this fantastic poster, which is sure to fascinate elementary students.

Adventures in Time – On-line game

Designed for children 10 to 11 years old, this on-line game includes a story and fun activities.

The Magic Mural – Video

The Magic Mural tells the story of two individuals, one who speaks English and the other speaks French. The moment they meet, a great adventure in the imaginary world of the magic mural begins. This video is geared towards children ages 4 to 7.

Other Resources – External links

Various links to sites for young people related to official languages, immersion and education.