Second language learning a benefit for our kids

(NC) – As a society, we must ensure we give our children every possible opportunity to succeed in life. One of the ways we can do this is to teach them a second language. Many countries around the world recognize second-language learning as being vital to a high-quality education. Here in Canada, we are fortunate to have English and French as our two official languages. The federal government hopes to double the number of high school graduates with a working knowledge of both English and French by the year 2013. Why? Because learning a second official language in Canada helps us understand the history, politics and culture of our country and it helps Canadians engage in a more meaningful national dialogue. It also creates sensitivity to other cultures and fosters our cultural diversity. French and English belong to all Canadians, so this fall why not consider putting your child into a second-language program, or taking a class yourself?

For more information, visit the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages at, Canadian Parents for French at cpf.caExternal site or the Society for the Promotion of the Teaching of English as a Second Language in Quebec at speaq.qc.caExternal site.

- News Canada
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