English and French belong to all Canadians

(NC) – If medical staff in Quebec canít speak English, Anglophones in Quebec canít hope to receive good health care; if airline or rail employees canít give safety briefings in French, Francophone passengers may be at risk; and if public servants in bilingual regions arenít allowed to use English or French, then the right to work in their official language of choice is not being respected.

Why not consider learning more about official languages and what they really mean to Canadians. Maybe you could even take a second-language course. After all, many countries recognize the value of having a second language, and recent polls show Canadians support the idea of a bilingual Canada.

For more information, visit the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages at officiallanguages.gc.ca, Canadian Parents for French at cpf.ca or the Society for the Promotion of the Teaching of English as a Second Language in Quebec at speaq.qc.ca.

- News Canada
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