Audit of Service Delivery in English and French to Air Canada Passengers




Cat. No.: SF31-109/2011
ISBN: 978-1-100-53756-6

September 2011

Table of Contents



Audit objectives and legislative framework


OBJECTIVE 1: Ensure that Air Canada senior management is committed to implementing Part IV of the Official Languages Act, thereby providing Air Canada passengers with services of equal quality in both official languages.

a) Official languages accountability framework
b) Official languages action plan
c) Policy or guidelines on official languages
d) Communications to employees
e) Training
f) Performance evaluations
g) Unions

OBJECTIVE 2: Ensure that Air Canada provides services of equal quality in both official languages in airports in which it has language obligations and on board flights on designated bilingual routes, and that it actively offers and provides passengers with effective services in both official languages.

a) Active offer and delivery of bilingual services
b) Bilingual capacity of flight attendants and customer sales and service agents

OBJECTIVE 3: Ensure that Air Canada consults representatives of official language minority communities in the various regions and that it takes the results of these consultations into consideration when planning for the provision of bilingual services.

a) Consultations with official language minority communities

OBJECTIVE 4: Ensure that Air Canada effectively monitors its performance in the delivery of services of equal quality in both official languages, in the air and on the ground.

a) Oversight mechanisms
b) Oversight mechanisms for service delivery by Jazz in both official languages
c) Results of monitoring


APPENDIX A - List of audit objectives and criteria
APPENDIX B - List of recommendations by objective
APPENDIX C - List of recommendations by objective, Air Canadaís comments and action plan,
                           and the Commissionerís comments