Infographic: Blueprint 2020: Our achievements, our goals

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Blueprint 2020: Our achievements, our goals. Details in text following the infographic.
Text version: Blueprint 2020: Our achievements, our goals

Text version: Blueprint 2020: Our achievements, our goals

Respectful workplace

Leveraging manager and youth networks

  • We organize workshops (mental and physical health, mindfulness, team building).
  • We create networking opportunities: brown bag lunches with executives on work/life balance and career planning, sharing info about PS-wide events.

Top 10 in the Public Service!

  • OCOL was voted the 8th best place to work in the public service, based on the 2014 Public Service Employee Survey!

Internal communication

  • Strong internal communication when navigating change (newsletters, town halls, employee opinion surveys).

Where to next?

  • We want to increase awareness among managers so that mental health becomes a permanent work objective.
  • We plan to increase training opportunities in this area.

Renewal and innovation


  • We delivered 120 school presentations in 8 provinces on linguistic duality as a Canadian value.
  • We share our expertise across the public service: e.g., armchair discussion (2016), tool for bilingual meetings (2016).
  • We promote official languages at major events (e.g., Pan Am Games, 400th anniversary of Québec City, Congrès Mondial Acadien, Canada Games).
  • We have created infographics to explain complex data (e.g., recent survey of Canadians on official languages).


  • Founding member of the International Association of Language Commissioners
  • Collaboration with language commissioners in Ontario and New Brunswick

Workplace 2.0

  • WP 2.0 and LEED Gold certified building at headquarters
  • WP 2.0 at 4 regional offices


  • IEMS and CRM tools increase employee collaboration and work efficiency
  • Skype, laptops and Wi-Fi enable flexible work and telework

Management innovation

  • Transition Committee in place to guide OCOL through changes in 2015–2016 and 2016–2017 (new government, changes in Executive Committee and new commissioner)
  • Introduction of Lean management principles in the Compliance Assurance Branch

Where to next?

  • We will have a new commissioner with a 7-year mandate in 2016–2017. There will be a period of adjustment to a new leadership style and priorities.
  • We are planning an official languages timeline and 2 conferences for Canada’s 150th anniversary.
  • All of our regional offices will be WP 2.0 by 2020.

Recruitment and onboarding


  • Our representation of employment equity groups meets workforce availability.
  • Our representation of women and people with disabilities exceeds workforce availability.


  • Produced a Commissioner’s welcome video for new employees
  • Initiated a new process for welcoming executives
  • Put in place a knowledge-transfer mechanism for when experienced employees leave the organization
  • Adopted specialized onboarding and training, by sector

Where to next?

  • We want to bring a greater focus to “deboarding,” to make sure that experienced employees have time to transfer knowledge before leaving.
  • Over half of our employees have less than 10 years of public service experience. We are planning for increased training needs.
  • We plan on improving our intranet site.
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