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Official Languages in Canada

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May 27, 1871

Manitoba’s first French-language weekly newspaper, Le Métis, is published

Lawyer Joseph Royal, who bought the presses and equipment in St. Cloud, Minnesota, for $500 is the man responsible for the publication of Le Métis.
February 3, 1898

Alberta’s first weekly French-language newspaper is published

The four-page L’Ouest canadien features local and provincial news on pages 2 and 3.

The Union Canadienne-Française de Vancouver is founded

The Union Canadienne-Française de Vancouver is the first Francophone sociocultural organization in British Columbia.

Le Patriote de l’Ouest is founded in Duck Lake, Saskatchewan

The Catholic clergy is instrumental in creating this newspaper.
First building of the Le Droit newspaper in 1913
March 27, 1913

The first edition of Le Droit is published

The founding of the newspaper is closely linked to the Ontario government’s introduction of Regulation 17 the previous year.
May 20, 1913

La Liberté is first published in Manitoba

La Liberté is founded by Monseigneur Adélard Langevin, Archbishop of St. Boniface.
Théâtre Cercle Molière Logo

The Cercle Molière theatre company makes its debut

Manitoba’s Cercle Molière is the oldest continuously running theatre company in Canada.
Commentator Lorne Greene broadcasting over the C.B.C. national network. 

The Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission is established

Canada’s public broadcaster (and precursor to CBC/Radio-Canada) provides programming for listeners in English and French.
Le Courrier Logo
January 1, 1937

Nova Scotia’s only French-language newspaper, Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse, hits the newsstands

In 1937, Désiré d'Éon launches Le Petit Courrier du Sud-Ouest, which would become Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse in 1972.
June 24, 1945

British Columbia’s French-speaking communities join forces to preserve their language and culture

A congress held in Victoria leads to the creation of the Fédération des francophones de la Colombie-Britannique.
CKSB offices

Radio station CKSB begins broadcasting to Manitoba and Western Ontario

CKSB is Canada’s first French-language radio station outside of Quebec.
June 1, 1952

“Crois, Façonne, Rayonne, Garde” (believe, shape, shine forth, preserve) are the words associated with the call sign of CFRG radio

CFRG’s motto reflects the mission of this French-language Saskatchewan radio station, to protect the language and faith of the province’s Francophones.
Festival logo

Clare, Nova Scotia gets swinging

The Festival Acadien de Clare is the oldest Acadian festival in the world.
Logo of the Festival Acadien de Caraquet

Caraquet holds its first Festival acadien

This annual festival is held on the Acadian Peninsula.
Stamp made for the Pan-American Games, Winnipeg, 1967

Canada hosts the Pan American Games for the first time

From July 23 to August 6, Winnipeg, Manitoba, hosts the 5th Pan American Games.
The Festival's mascot

The Festival du Voyageur is created for Manitoba’s Centennial celebrations

This celebration spotlights the importance of Franco-Manitobans’ contribution to the province’s development.
Logo of the Office International de la Francophonie

The first international organization of La Francophonie is created

Canada is involved in the creation of the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation.
 l'Eau Vive newspaper current logo (2016)

The first edition of L’Eau vive, Saskatchewan’s only French-language weekly, is published

Its name comes from the French translation of the Cree word kisiskâciwanisîpiy, which means “swiftly-flowing river” and after which the province is named.
Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario Logo

The Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario premieres, ushering in a renewal of Franco-Ontarian culture

The theatre company was founded in Sudbury by a group of Laurentian University students during French Ontario’s “cultural revolution.”
Poster of La nuit sur l'étang

The first La Nuit sur l’étang concert is held in Ontario

This celebration of Franco-Ontarian culture takes place every spring in Sudbury.
Logo du Centre culturel franco-manitobain

The Centre culturel franco-manitobain opens

The Centre plays an important role by featuring all forms of French-language artistic and cultural activities in the province of Manitoba.
A crowd attending the Superfrancofête

The Festival international de la jeunesse francophone (known as Superfrancofête) kicks off in Québec City

Opening night at the Superfrancofête attracts over 100,000 people from around the world!
La Voix Acadienne logo
June 27, 1975

The first edition of La Voix acadienne hits the stands in Prince Edward Island

What begins as a summer project by the Société Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin generates so much interest that it is being published as a weekly newspaper a year later!

Nova Scotia celebrates the first Festival de l’Escaouette in Chéticamp

The goal of the Festival is to inform visitors from here and abroad of Chéticamp’s Acadian heritage.
Festival Franco-Ontarien's logo
May 23, 1976

The first Festival franco-ontarien is held in the nation’s capital

It is a major event for Ontario’s Francophones and francophiles.
Fédération culturelle canadienne-française's  Logo

The Comité culturel des francophones hors Québec is created in St. Boniface, Manitoba

The purpose of the Comité, which would change its name to the Fédération culturelle canadienne-française, is to promote the artistic production and cultural expression of Canada’s Francophone and Acadian communities.
"Make some noise for l'Acadie"
August 15, 1979

A tintamarre rings out in New Brunswick and beyond

On the 375th anniversary of Acadia, the Société des Acadiens du Nouveau-Brunswick revives the tintamarre tradition.
Jeux de l'Acadie Logo

The first Jeux de l’Acadie are held in Moncton, New Brunswick

A total of 327 young Francophones and Acadians from six regions of New Brunswick participate in this provincial event.
Picture of an event during Townshiper' Day, Hatley (Quebec) in 1981

Townshippers’ Day is created in Quebec’s Eastern Townships

This first T-Day is organized by the Townshippers’ Association, a not-for-profit organization.
Archive picture of the Festival "On s'garroche à Batoche"

The Fête Fransaskoise is created

This event was inspired by the 1979 celebration called “On s’garroche à Batoche!”
Frobisher Bay on December 2005

Hockey fans in the North form a group to get Montréal Canadiens games broadcast in French

In the 1970s, Bell Canada had recruited a number of French-speaking Quebecers to build the infrastructure needed in Frobisher Bay, Northwest Territories (now Iqaluit, Nunavut).
Picture of one of the first carnaval

An Alberta winter festival celebrates French-Canadian culture and tradition

The Carnaval de St-Isidore is a unique opportunity for English- and French-speaking residents and visitors to celebrate Franco-Albertan culture.
Franco-Fête's logo

Toronto’s Franco-Fête is created

The event used to be called Semaine Francophone (French Week).
Aurore Boréale newspaper's logo

Franco-Yukonnais newspaper L’Aurore boréale is founded

The bi-monthly publication reports on Yukon’s current events and is the main source of communication within the territory’s French-speaking community.
Logo of the Fédération des francophones de Terre-Neuve et du Labrador

The first Jeux d’hiver franco-labradoriens are held

This sporting and cultural event is an initiative by the Fédération des francophones de Terre-Neuve et du Labrador.
L’Acadie nouvelle’s logo
June 7, 1984

New Brunswick’s independent French-language newspaper, Acadie Nouvelle, publishes its first edition

The first copies of the paper are delivered in 1984, and readership is still growing.
Le Gaboteur's logo
October 5, 1984

The first edition of Le Gaboteur, Newfoundland and Labrador’s French-language newspaper, hits the newsstands

The newspaper’s name is a derivation of the nautical term “caboteur” (or “coaster” in English), which means a ship that travels along the coast from port to port, bringing news and supplies.
Troupe du jour's logo

La Troupe du Jour arrives on the scene in Saskatchewan

La Troupe du Jour is the only professional French-language theatre company in the province.
Aquilon newspaper's logo

The newspaper L’Aquilon hits the stands in the Northwest Territories

The newspaper covers Franco-Ténois news and is a source of social, cultural and political information.
TFO's logo

French-language channel La Chaîne hits the airwaves

The French arm of TVOntario changes its name to TFO in 1995 and becomes independent in 2006.
TV5 Canada's logo

Canada joins TV5

TV5 is the international French-language television channel.
The mascot at the 2014 edition of the fête franco-albertaine

The Fête franco-albertaine makes its debut

It starts with a group of young Francophones who organize a family camping trip.

The first Festival du Bois is held in British Columbia

Maillardville will continue to host this annual cultural festival that celebrates the community’s Francophone heritage.
Jeux de l'Acadie Logo

The Jeux de l’Acadie are held outside of New Brunswick for the first time

The Games are held in the region of Mont-Carmel–Wellington, Prince Edward Island.
Dialogue Canada's logo

Dialogue Canada is founded

An organization is formed to promote dialogue between Canadians of various backgrounds.
Logo of Les Essentielles

Non-profit organization Les EssentiElles is created in Yukon

The group represents the interests of French-speaking women in Yukon.
Logo of Conseil culturel et artistique francophone de la Colombie-Britannique
May 27, 1996

The Conseil culturel et artistique francophone de la Colombie-Britannique is created

The Conseil culturel is the result of discussions between the Fédération des Francophones de la Colombie-Britannique and cultural organizations of the province.
French for the Future

John Ralston Saul and Lisa Balfour Bowen found French for the Future

Through its national programs, this non-profit organization supports and motivates high school students to live and learn in French.
Association des francophones du Nunavut's logo

The Association des francophones du Nunavut hosts several sports and cultural events

These include the Partie d’huîtres, which takes place in October.
Blue Metropolis Foundation Logo

The Blue Metropolis Foundation is established in Montréal, Quebec

The Foundation’s mission is to bring people of different cultures together to share in the pleasure of reading and writing.