Since 1867

Official Languages in Canada

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François-Xavier Mercier

Francophone trader François-Xavier Mercier goes head to head with the Hudson’s Bay Company

Mercier builds a trading post in the Yukon, and his efforts will have a major impact on the development of the territory.
Studio portrait of Mr. McCarthy

English becomes the sole official language of the Northwest Territories

An ordinance and a resolution make English the only language permitted in schools and in the legislative assembly.
Franco-ténois Flag

The Fédération franco-ténoise is created

Founded in Yellowknife, the Fédération defends the interests of the Northwest Territories’ French-speaking community.

Yukon Francophones form the Association franco-yukonnaise

The Association works with its partners to create and develop the services, activities and institutions needed in order for Yukon’s French-speaking community to remain dynamic.
Aurore Boréale newspaper's logo

Franco-Yukonnais newspaper L’Aurore boréale is founded

The bi-monthly publication reports on Yukon’s current events and is the main source of communication within the territory’s French-speaking community.
École Émilie-Tremblay

Creation of Yukon’s first French language school

The school is named after Émilie Tremblay, who, in 1894, became one of the first Francophone women from Quebec to make the long journey to Dawson City, Yukon.
The Franco-Yukonnais Flag

The Franco-Yukonnais flag shows its colours for the first time

The flag’s colours are blue, gold and white.
The Franco-Yukonnais Flag

Yukon adopts its Languages Act

Yukon’s Languages Act recognizes the status of French and highlights the importance of Aboriginal languages.
Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon

The Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon opens for business

The Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon, the only school board in Yukon, is responsible for French as a first language education throughout the territory.
Logo of Les Essentielles

Non-profit organization Les EssentiElles is created in Yukon

The group represents the interests of French-speaking women in Yukon.
Logo of Partenariat communauté en santé

A French language health services network is created in Yukon

The Partenariat communauté en santé network works together with its partners to improve overall health and well-being in Yukon’s Francophone community.
Sign Yukon Larger than Life
May 15, 2007

May 15 is proclaimed as Yukon Francophonie Day

The territorial government commemorates the historical contribution of Francophones over the past 200 years in Yukon.
Landscape of Whitehouse (Yukon)

The Festival du solstice debuts in Yukon

Whitehorse hosts this unique Francophonie-themed event full of activities and shows.

The Supreme Court of Canada rules on issues of bias and the role of the Yukon Francophone School Board in admissions

The Supreme Court of Canada first looked into the apprehension of bias on the part of the trial judge and found problems with the trial judge’s conduct. The Court then determined the Yukon Francophone School Board’s role in setting admission criteria.