All events for 2000 – 2009
Sign Yukon Larger than Life
May 15, 2007

May 15 is proclaimed as Yukon Francophonie Day

The territorial government commemorates the historical contribution of Francophones over the past 200 years in Yukon.
June 28, 2007

L’empreinte francophone is unveiled in Alberta

The monument is created in honour of Franco-Albertans.

A new Language Rights Support Program replaces the official languages component of the Court Challenges Program, which had been eliminated in 2006

The Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne reaches an agreement with the federal government on the creation of a new program.
New Brunswick Legislative Assembly

New Brunswick plans to abolish early French immersion programs

Protests from New Brunswickers make the province reconsider its decision.

Quebec City celebrates its 400th anniversary

The celebration also commemorates 400 years of a permanent French presence in North America.
Logo of the Centre de la francophonie des Amériques

The Centre de la francophonie des Amériques opens in Québec City

The Centre’s mission is to connect the 33 million Francophones in the Americas.
Landscape of Whitehouse (Yukon)

The Festival du solstice debuts in Yukon

Whitehorse hosts this unique Francophonie-themed event full of activities and shows.

The Government of Canada announces the Roadmap for Canada’s Linguistic Duality 2008-2013: Acting for the Future

In December 2007, Prime Minister Stephen Harper asks Bernard Lord to conduct Canada-wide consultations on linguistic duality in order to update the Action Plan for Official Languages, which is due to expire in 2008.
Collège de l'Île's logo

The Société éducative de l’Î.-P.-É. becomes Collège Acadie Î.-P.-É.

The Société is officially recognized by the government of Prince Edward Island as a publicly funded post-secondary institution.

The Legislative Assembly of Nunavut adopts the Official Languages Act and the Inuit Language Protection Act

The Official Languages Act recognizes the official status of the English, French and Inuit languages.
Sign of the Supreme Court of Canada

The Supreme Court of Canada clarifies the RCMP’s language obligations

The Court rules that the RCMP must respect the constitutional rights that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives the citizens of New Brunswick.

The Federal Court rules on whether VIA Rail Canada can impose bilingual requirements on positions where there are no obligations to provide service in both official languages

The Federal Court determined that positions involving duties related to safety and security objectively justify a bilingual requirement.

The Supreme Court of Canada renders a decision on the constitutionality of the limits imposed by Quebec’s Charter of the French Language regarding access to minority language education in Quebec

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that it is unconstitutional to exclude the time spent in an unsubsidized English-language private school from the determination of what constitutes a “major part” of a child’s education for the purposes of establishing eligibility for public minority language education.

The Supreme Court of Canada renders its decision in the Desrochers case

The ruling is a major victory for linguistic equality.
Justin Morrow

Canadian Youth for French is founded

Université Laval football player founds a youth organization to promote bilingualism among young Anglophones across Canada
Logo of Réseau de santé en français au Nunavut

A French language health services network is created in Nunavut

The Réseau de santé en français au Nunavut wants to help improve the health and wellness of Nunavut’s French-speaking community.