All events for 1980 – 1989
TV5 Canada's logo

Canada joins TV5

TV5 is the international French-language television channel.

In the Mercure and Paquette cases, the Supreme Court of Canada confirms bilingualism in Saskatchewan and Alberta

The Court recognizes that section 110 of the Northwest Territories Act still applies to those provinces.
Fransaskois flag

Saskatchewan adopts its Act Respecting the Use of the English and French Languages in Saskatchewan

It is the first provincial act to define the status of the French language in Saskatchewan.

The Government of Canada passes the new Official Languages Act

The new Official Languages Act ensures the full implementation of the language rights guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Parliament Building

The Parliament of Canada passes the Canadian Multiculturalism Act

The Act supports Canada’s linguistic duality, where English and French are Canada’s official languages.
The Franco-Yukonnais Flag

Yukon adopts its Languages Act

Yukon’s Languages Act recognizes the status of French and highlights the importance of Aboriginal languages.

The Supreme Court of Canada renders its decision in the Ford case

Quebec invokes the notwithstanding clause of the Constitution to retain the exclusive use of French on outdoor signage.
Students at the Collège de l’Acadie

The Collège de l’Acadie is founded

This French-language community college is established in Nova Scotia under provincial legislation in 1988 and opens its doors to students in 1992.
Old logo of Dialogue Nouveau-Brunswick

Dialogue New Brunswick is created

Dialogue New Brunswick sets itself apart from every other organization by eschewing political and economic goals.
Government of Manitoba's logo

Manitoba develops its French Language Services Policy

The Policy is adopted 10 years after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the province’s Official Language Act, which made English Manitoba’s sole official language, was unconstitutional.
The mascot at the 2014 edition of the fête franco-albertaine

The Fête franco-albertaine makes its debut

It starts with a group of young Francophones who organize a family camping trip.

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal rules in favour of the right to publicly funded French-language education in Cape Breton

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal overturned two 1988 decisions by the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, finding instead that the appellants have the right to have their children receive publicly funded primary and secondary education in the language of the minority.
Logo of the La Cité - Université francophone in Regina (Saskatchewan)

The Language Institute building is inaugurated at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan

Today, the building houses the University of Regina’s La Cité universitaire francophone and BAC (Bachelor of Education) Program offices.

The first Festival du Bois is held in British Columbia

Maillardville will continue to host this annual cultural festival that celebrates the community’s Francophone heritage.