All events for 1950 – 1959

The linguistic imbalance that has existed since the late 19th century worsens in the Northwest Territories

The Arctic is chosen as the site for a distant early warning line against possible Soviet attacks.
June 1, 1952

“Crois, Façonne, Rayonne, Garde” (believe, shape, shine forth, preserve) are the words associated with the call sign of CFRG radio

CFRG’s motto reflects the mission of this French-language Saskatchewan radio station, to protect the language and faith of the province’s Francophones.
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Clare, Nova Scotia gets swinging

The Festival Acadien de Clare is the oldest Acadian festival in the world.
Interpreters picture
January 15, 1959

Simultaneous interpretation is introduced in the House of Commons

Starting on January 15, 1959, all speeches, questions and debates by all Parliamentarians, regardless of their political affiliation, are translated simultaneously.