All events for 1890 – 1899
Manitoba flag

An important turning point in the history of Manitoba: English is declared the province’s only official language

During the same period, a bill to abolish religious duality is passed.
Main building at Université Sainte-Anne, Church Point, Nova Scotia.

The Université Sainte-Anne is built in Nova Scotia

This educational institution is the only French-language university in the province and the first in the Maritimes.

The Supreme Court of Canada renders its first decision about the equal authority of the English and French versions of legislation

Faced with a question on the interpretation of sections of the Civil Code of Quebec, the Supreme Court of Canada stated that both the English and French versions of the text are of equal authority.
Studio portrait of Mr. McCarthy

English becomes the sole official language of the Northwest Territories

An ordinance and a resolution make English the only language permitted in schools and in the legislative assembly.
Flag of Manitoba
November 16, 1896

In Manitoba, bilingual schooling is authorized where numbers warrant

Called the Laurier-Greenway Compromise, this agreement seeks to resolve the controversial issue of religious schools in the province. Laurier and Greenway are the names of the Liberal Prime Minister of Canada at the time, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and the Liberal Premier of Manitoba, Thomas Greenway.
February 3, 1898

Alberta’s first weekly French-language newspaper is published

The four-page L’Ouest canadien features local and provincial news on pages 2 and 3.