All events for 1880 – 1889

The Indian Residential Schools system is officially established

Imposing English and French at residential schools has a devastating impact on Indigenous languages and cultures in Canada.
Post stamps "Acadian"

Acadians assert themselves as a people with a distinct national identity

The first Acadian national convention is held in Memramcook, New Brunswick, and will become the foundation of what modern Acadia is today.
Image "Nous sommes tous Acadiens" "We are all Acadians"
August 15, 1881

National Acadian Day

August 15 is chosen as National Acadian Day.
"Buffalo Bull", a Cree Indian

The name “Saskatchewan” is used for the first time

The word “Saskatchewan” is derived from an anglicized version of a Cree word, kisiskâciwanisîpiy, meaning “swiftly flowing river.”
Acadian Flag Drawing

A blue, white and red flag with a yellow star is raised in Miscouche, Prince Edward Island

The flag becomes the symbol of the Acadians of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
Louis Riel addressing the jury during his trial for treason.
November 16, 1885

Métis leader Louis Riel is executed

Louis Riel is at the centre of the Red River and North-West rebellions.
July 17, 1887

The Union nationale métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba is created

It is the leading Métis organization in Canada.