All events for 1860 – 1869
Fathers of the Confederation
July 1, 1867

Confederation: A Bold Vision for Canada

In the new country of the Dominion of Canada, English and French are both officially permitted in Parliament.
Railway map of province of Ontario, 1875

In Ontario, Francophone communities are established along railway routes

Industrialization and railway construction make this a period of prosperity for the province.
Students and teachers at the Morrin College around 1891

Morrin College is the first English-language institute of higher education in Québec City

The college is built in the heart of the heart of Old Québec, on the former site of an old defensive structure called the Royal Redoubt, which served as a military barracks and then a prison before being demolished to make way for the current building.

The Quebec legislature adopts Chapter 16 of the Statutes of the Province of Quebec, an education provision for the English-speaking minority

The new bill grants additional privileges in education for the Anglo-Protestant minority.