The Legislative Assembly of Nunavut adopts the Official Languages Act and the Inuit Language Protection Act

The Official Languages Act recognizes the official status of the English, French and Inuit languages.

Under Nunavut’s Official Languages Act, the head offices of the territorial institutions must provide services in the three official languages. Other territorial government offices must serve the public in one of the official languages if there is a significant demand, if the nature of the office warrants its use or when prescribed by regulation. Nunavummiut may appear before a judicial or quasi-judicial body in the official language of their choice.

The Inuit Language Protection Act established the right to use this language and set out measures to revitalize it. It guarantees the right to be educated in the Inuit language and to work in this language in the territory’s institutions. The Act aims to establish the Inuit language as a language of government, municipal, community organization and corporate communications.