The Gens de l’air crisis erupts in Quebec

In the early 1970s, the expansion of the air transport industry and the arrival of a growing number of Francophones among its ranks lead to the idea that air communications could take place in French.

In 1975, an attempt to allow the use of both languages degenerated into a national strike and legal action. A coalition called the Association des gens de l’air gradually rallied public opinion. A commission of inquiry was finally charged with reviewing the matter and established that French could be used without posing a risk to flight safety. The government finally implemented its recommendations in 1980.

Association des gens de l’air du Québec v Lang, [1977] 2 F.C. 22 (F.C.T.D., affirmed [1978] 2 F.C. 371 (F.C.A.)