The Federal Court examines the reasonableness of the measures taken by the Canada Revenue Agency in relation to language of work

The Federal Court determined that the right of members of the public to communicate with and receive services from the Canada Revenue Agency in their preferred official language takes precedence over the constitutional language-of-work rights of employees of that institution—in this case, Luc Tailleur.

The Federal Court found that the Canada Revenue Agency had complied with its duty both to ensure that members of the public receive its services in the official language of their choice in accordance with Part IV of the Official Languages Act and to take all reasonable measures to enable Mr. Tailleur to work in the language of his choice in accordance with Part V of the Act. The measures proposed by Mr. Tailleur would have caused an additional delay that would have resulted in service of lesser quality for taxpayers. In the event of any inconsistency, Part IV prevails over Part V.