Migration to the Canadian Prairies begins at the end of the 19th century and peaks in the 1920s

French-Canadian migrants and French, Belgian and Swiss immigrants settle in Saskatchewan.

Francophones of different backgrounds settled in the new province of Saskatchewan, which joined Confederation in 1905. French Canadians from the St. Lawrence River Valley, many of whom had been living in the United States, moved to the province under the direction of colonizing missionaries. They established small villages where they set up schools, parishes and businesses.

About the same number of French-speaking Europeans (from France, Belgium and Switzerland) immigrated to Saskatchewan and either joined the French Canadians or established their own villages.

Construction of the railway opened up the region and brought an influx of immigrants from all over, which the small number of French-speaking settlers could not offset.

Source: Louis Rosenberg, Library and Archives Canada, accession number 1968-150 NPC, C-027525