The Bonne Entente League is formed

This marks the beginning of the Bonne Entente movement, which seeks to improve relations between English- and French-speaking Canadians.

The Bonne Entente began during the debates surrounding conscription and education rights. It served as a forum for English- and French-speaking politicians and businessmen to discuss problems of national unity.

The League did not manage to prevent a national unity crisis during the war; however, it continued its activities after the war and inspired the creation of other similar associations, such as the Better Understanding Association and the Unity League of Ontario. The Bonne Entente movement played a key role in the efforts to persuade Ontario to re-establish French-language education rights and Ottawa to adopt a modest federal bilingualism.

Representatives of the Franco-Ontarian, Anglo-Quebec and Acadian minorities played an important role, acting as the bridge between the English-speaking majority outside Quebec and the French-speaking majority in Quebec.