Infographic: The French Presence in Prince Edward Island

The French presence in Prince Edward Island. Details in text following the infographic.

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  • 13% of the population (17,840 people) can speak both English and French- 5% increase since 2011!
  • French is the mother tongue of 3.6% of the population (5,129 people)
  • French is the first official language of 3.3% of the population (4,668 people)


  • 863 students are enrolled in 6 public French-language schools (2016-2017)
  • 6,414 students are enrolled in core French (34% of eligible enrolment)
  • 4,806 students are enrolled in French immersion (26% of eligible enrollment)
  • The Collège de l’Île offers post-secondary education in French.

Where do Francophones live?

Census Divisions

  • Kings County (Souris): 4%
  • Queens County (Charlottetown): 33%
  • Prince County (Evangeline, Summerside): 63%

Where were Francophones born?

  • In PEI: 60%
  • Elsewhere in Canada: 35%
  • Abroad: 5%


  • Newspaper: La Voix acadienne
  • Radio: Radio-Canada ICI Première and ICI Musique
  • Television: ICI Radio-Canada Télé and Unis TV



  • The Rendez-vous de la Francophonie is a celebration of the French language and of Francophone culture in PEI.


  • The Evangeline Area Agricultural Exhibition and Acadian Festival celebrate the area’s Acadian culture and agricultural roots.


  • A ceremony to commemorate the deportation of the Prince Edward Island Acadians is held each year on December 13, Acadian Remembrance Day.


  • The French presence in PEI dates back to 1720, when a French colony settled on the island known as Île Saint-Jean. Nearly all of the Acadians were deported from the island in 1758.
  • In 1884, Maritime Acadians adopted their national symbols, including the flag, at the Acadian National Convention in Miscouche.
  • The Société Saint-Thomas d’Aquin was created in 1919. The organization represents PEI’s Acadian and Francophone community.
  • In 1990, the PEI government created the French-language school board, which is responsible for administering and promoting French education in the province.
  • In 1999, PEI passed its first French Language Services Act; however, most of its sections were never enacted.
  • The French Language Services Act was revised in 2013 and provides for the designation of bilingual services, the creation of the Acadian and Francophone Community Advisory Committee and the establishment of a complaint mechanism.


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