Court Ruling: Commissioner of Official Languages and CBC/Radio Canada back to square one


Gatineau, November 12, 2015 – Commissioner of Official Languages Graham Fraser expressed his disappointment at a ruling delivered today by the Federal Court of Appeal regarding his court case with CBC/Radio‑Canada.

This ruling brings us back to square one. After five years of litigation, important questions are still left unanswered,” said Commissioner Fraser. “I was hoping the Court would be able to come to a decision concerning my jurisdiction to investigate complaints about CBC/Radio Canada and also concerning the nature of the national public broadcaster’s obligations under Part VII of the Official Languages Act.

In the absence of such clarity,” the Commissioner added, “I am exploring my options going forward, and I hope I can count on CBC/Radio-Canada’s cooperation with this. In addition, some 18 investigations regarding CBC/Radio-Canada were on hold in my office. I hope that in this context as well, CBC/Radio-Canada will assist us in finding appropriate resolutions.



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