Fraser says Air Canada’s efforts are insufficient


Gatineau, February 4, 2015 – According to an audit follow-up report released today, Air Canada fully implemented only one of the twelve recommendations Commissioner of Official Languages Graham Fraser made in 2011 to help the airline improve services to passengers.

In light of this situation, Commissioner Fraser strongly recommends that the air carrier establish proper follow-up mechanisms as soon as possible and develop service delivery standards that comply with the Official Languages Act.

"Despite a willingness to make changes, it has become clear that Air Canada’s efforts are insufficient to comply with the Official Languages Act,” said Fraser. “Five out of the twelve recommendations were not implemented, and the other six were only partially implemented."

The audit follow-up report concludes that Air Canada must immediately make its executives, directors and managers accountable by setting objectives to comply with the Official Languages Act.

These key people must send a strong and clear message to front-line employees. The day-to-day actions of key managers and directors working in airports have a direct impact on the use of both official languages in the workplace.

"It is therefore essential for Air Canada to ensure that these key individuals are fully engaged and have the necessary skills to lead bilingual staff," said the Commissioner. "This exercise is crucial to make progress on the ground."



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