Let's Celebrate l'Acadie!

Did you know that l'Acadie has its own national anthem? What does the Acadian flag symbolize? When did the Parliament of Canada recognize August 15 as National Acadian Day?

The 2014 Congrès mondial acadien (World Acadian Congress) is being held from August 8 to 24 in New Brunswick, Quebec and in the state of Maine. Take a look at our most recent infographic and discover some interesting facts about l'Acadie, the first French settlement in North America!

Celebrate Acadia on August 15! Text version follows.
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Celebrate Acadia on August 15!

6 p.m.: Every August 15 at 6 p.m., the not-to-be-missed Tintamarre (“din” or “racket”) gets underway. To mark this Acadian tradition, people walk through the streets in their communities, making noise as they go to let everyone know that the Acadians are here to stay.

The Acadians have their own national anthem, Ave Maris Stella.

August 15, 1881: Acadians designated August 15 as their National Day

2003: Canadian parliament enacted legislation to make August 15 National Acadian Day

1884: Acadian flag adopted

Symbolism of the Acadian flag:

  • Tricolour shows Acadia’s ties to its motherland (France);
  • Star of Mary, or Stella Maris, is yellow, which represents the papacy, and symbolizes Acadia’s Catholic heritage.

Published on Friday, August 15, 2014

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